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Velocity CORE paraglider. (optional)


Assembly DVD.


Risk and Reward DVD.


Glider Carry Stuff bag.


Wind Sock.


Propeller Covers.


Black Hawk Flight Jacket or Suit.


Tool Kit.


Glider/line Repair Kit.


Paramotor Bible.


Engine Manual.


 OPTIONAL EXTRAS: (discounted with Package Deal)


Billet Hang point (Quad).


"A" Assist Brackets (Quad).


TTO Tach & Hour Gauge: (with Lithium battery)


Cage Line Guides.


TTO Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge: (with Lithium battery)


Strobe Light - "D" cell battery.

  . PPG Engine Cover (Foot Launch).   .

PPG Engine Cover (Quad).


2x 5W VHF/UHF/FM Transceivers, Strobe, Alarm & desktop chargers (VHF:136~174MHz/UHF:400~480MHz/FM Receiver) 40+km range


Deluxe Blue-tooth Paramotor Radio Helmet.


Black Hawk Radio Chest Harness.


Extra 2 Blade Timber Propeller.


Extra set of Propeller Covers for spare prop.


NB: ALL SAFTEY EQUIPMENT IS SOLD AT COST PRICE, this is to encourage safety above profit in this Great Sport !

      Water Rescue & Reserve equipment is especially Important if flying near Water and/or for general safety.


Agama® Water Rescue for Person & Paraengine.


Reserve Chute BRACKET for Quad.


RC-L 41m2 Foot Launch Reserve Chute (80~100kg)


RC-XL 47m2 Foot Launch Reserve Chute (95~125kg)


RC-XXL 51m2 Foot Launch Reserve Chute (120~160kg)


RC-XXXL 56m2 Tandem/Quad Reserve Chute (140~200kg)

® Floatation Systems have not been tested for the combined HellCat, Quad & Passengers weight and may not float correctly !

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Shipping: Engine Only Purchase. Foot Launch. LowBoy-3 TRIKE Package. LowBoy-3 QUAD Package Deal.

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FREE Pick-Up is available from our office in Lilyfield 2040, Sydney, NSW.


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