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Paraglider Wings designed for engines or motorised applications.

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So, where do you think our Velocity Paragliders are manufactured ?

Velocity CORE Paragliders


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Paraglider Colours

Velocity CORE Colours

THE “CORE” Wing: Velocity Paragliders is a division of BlackHawk, had tremendous success with our previous “Edge” beginner paraglider. Schools and Pilots around the world who loved the Edge will be blown away by the design of the new Velocity Core. The Core takes learning Powered Paragliding to a whole new level – providing everything you could expect from a beginner-friendly glider, all the way up to intermediate-level Pilots!

ALL-NEW DESIGN: This glider was designed with quality and performance in mind with every single step of the construction process. The Core features Delrin Battens in the leading edge for optimal durability and shape-retention. We've added “Split A’s” for easier launching & the ability to perform “Big Ears” or dissension from higher-altitude flights. The core is constructed from Dominico which is used in the Industry’s higher-performance gliders. This makes it lightweight and assures a long-lasting glider that Pilots can enjoy for many years to come.

FLYING THE CORE: Boasting an incredible 9:1 glide ratio, the efficiency of the core will quickly make it a standard or “go-to” glider in the Cross-Country PPG community.   The combination of unbeatable flare-authority and profound energy-retaining characteristics will provide for extremely mellow landings. The Core is Velocity’s “easiest kiting glider ever produced” due to the features mentioned and will become a favourite among Schools or those just getting into the sport. As an upper-end EN-A Glider, the Core is suitable for beginners and will accommodate Intermediate Pilots who want to push the limits of their skills. Beautiful design, unmatched performance, and extreme durability… Now THAT’S getting to the “Core” of the sport and everything that Velocity Paragliders USA stands for.

Velocity CORE Features:

  • Velocity’s Anti-Torque Technology (loop-within-a-loop)
  • Newly added DuPont Delrin (acetal polyoxymethylene) battens
  • 9:1 high efficiency glide ratio.
  • Ultra lite-weight
  • Split A’s for easy riser handling in forward or reverse launching.
  • Super easy launching in no wind conditions.
  • High performance design for XC flight.
  • Excellent centering graphics make launching so easy.
  • Swivels on brake lines to prevent tangling.
  • High quality Brake pulleys.
  • Clean crisp turning and high energy flair landings.
  • Highest quality materials.
  • Two year warranty*

 NOTE: You do not need to add the weight of your engine, wing, or fuel to these totals, as below reflects the Total Flight weight.

IMPORTANT: For flight stability in higher wind conditions, you should select a wing as close to your upper Total Flight Weight as possible, that includes you &/or passenger, all equipment and Fuel you intent to carry, this ensures the Wing sizes is suitable to your specific weight!

IMPORTANT: If you are flying a Wing without a engine, ask your Flight Instructor to ensure the Paraglider size is suitable to your specific application.

Some experienced pilots choose to select an under-size wing, Caution is needed as this will increase the Sink rate and ground speed, clearly this will change the standard flight design characteristics!

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BlackHawk Reserve Chute Specifications
Product Code  Area * Chute Weight * Sink Rate * Rated Weight *
L 41m2 1.6 kg (3.5lb) 5.5 m/s (18 f/s) 135kg
XL 47m2 1.6 kg 5.5 m/s 135kg
XXL 51m2 1.6 kg 5.5 m/s 155kg
XXXL 56m2 1.6 kg 5.5 m/s 200kg

The BlackHawk Reserves use Dominico 2R material & have been compared for a long time with some other rescue systems, vital properties of an emergency parachute were assessed, such as opening speed at high and low velocity, sink rate and stability during descent. These reserves are a pulled down apex type reserve parachute, which possesses the one thing that wasn't tested was reliability, but over the years the reliability of the system has been well proven.

Reserve systems has saved hundreds of pilots around the world. At a time when trends and gimmicks regularly come and go, these Reserves Chutes Shave been saving pilots since 1984. What other system can boast a fact like that ?

* Approx. Area, Weight & Sink Rate.

‡ Tandem Reserve.

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