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Paraglider's designed for engines or motorised applications.

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Velocity EDGE Paragliders

Velocity EDGE Technical Specifications

The NEWVelocity EDGE Paraglider has replaced the ParaToys-3 Wing, this latest design upgrade with ultra-lite sail cloth is a game changer making a novice or an advanced pilot look great with itís super easy launching abilities especially in Nil to light winds !

Once in the air you will love this gliderís handling, whilst still having the safety of a DHV-1 based glider.  The Velocity EDGE paraglider is fully certified in the Afnor Standard category as a beginner/ intermediate wing (rated/certified in our size 28)


  • Super easy launching in no wind conditions.
  • Single Aís for easy riser handling both in forwards and reverses.
  • Sewn in super strong rare earth magnets for no collection of debris and positive brake hook up.
  • Excellent centering graphics make launching so easy.
  • Heavy lines for paramotoring.
  • Clearly marked A and D risers.
  • Swivels on brake lines to prevent tangling.
  • High quality Brake pulleys.
  • Very high in flight visibility for pilot safety.
  • Clean crisp turning and high energy flair landings.
  • Highest quality of materials.
  • Two year warranty*


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Wing Total Flight Weight Range:

IMPORTANT: Your should select a wing as close to your upper Total Flight Weight as possible, that includes you (&/or passenger), all equipment and Fuel you intent to carry, this ensures the Wing sizes is suitable to your specific weight.

Some experienced pilots choose to select an undersize wing, Caution is needed as this will increase the Sink rate and ground speed, clearly this will change the standard flight design characteristics!

---------- // ----------

NOTE: If you are flying a Wing without a engine (less weight), please check with your Instructor to ensure the size is suitable to your specific application.

The weight of your engine, wing and fuel total of approx. 25kg (55lb), have been deducted by BlackHawk, therefore the below weights reflect pilot weight only, for Powered Foot launch flights.

Pilot Weight Range:

Velocity EDGE: 25m2 - (66~83 kg)

Velocity EDGE: 28m2 - (78~97 kg)

Velocity EDGE: 30m2 - (86~107 kg)

Velocity EDGE: 33m2 - (98~121 kg)

Velocity EDGE: 36m2 - (111~135 kg)

Velocity EDGE: 42m2 - (135~275 kg - Tandem)

 Above weights reflect the Pilots Weight only !

Call Dennis to order or for more information (02) 821-30-823

BlackHawk Reserve Chute Specifications
Product Code  Area * Chute Weight * Sink Rate * Rated Weight *
L 41m2 1.6 kg (3.5lb) 5.5 m/s (18 f/s) 135kg
XL 47m2 1.6 kg 5.5 m/s 135kg
XXL 51m2 1.6 kg 5.5 m/s 155kg
XXXL 56m2 1.6 kg 5.5 m/s 200kg

The BlackHawk Reserves use Dominico 2R material & have been compared for a long time with some other rescue systems, vital properties of an emergency parachute were assessed, such as opening speed at high and low velocity, sink rate and stability during descent. These reserves are a pulled down apex type reserve parachute, which possesses the one thing that wasn't tested was reliability, but over the years the reliability of the system has been well proven.

Reserve systems has saved hundreds of pilots around the world. At a time when trends and gimmicks regularly come and go, these Reserves Chutes Shave been saving pilots since 1984. What other system can boast a fact like that ?

* Approx. Area, Weight & Sink Rate.

‡ Tandem Reserve.

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