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LowBoy Quad Training path via R.A.A.

NB: Before the RAA will accept you to fly any wheeled launch flight under an Ecliptic (ram air) wing, we are told a pilot is required to have logged 20 hours of flight with an Ecliptic Paraglider, in 2015 the only way to legally fly a Wheeled Powered Paraglider with an Ecliptic wing in Australia, is to obtain a "Powered Parachute" accreditation via the RAA.

However, after 5 years delays, the HGFA finally wrote a direct "Wheeled Training Syllabus".

RAA OFFICE: Ph. 02 6280 4700 - Fax:† 02 6280 4775

How to register a LowBoy Quad as a Powered Parachute via RAA

  1. Apply for RAA membership by filling out a "Student pilot member application form", then scan and send it to R.A.A. office, cost was $185 last time we looked.

  2. When You have your membership number email the RAA office and ask for a Builders pack, they will need your membership number and your postage address. It will take 3+ days for it to be delivered. It contains stickers that need to be placed on the unit and the below documentation that needs filling in and sending. Itís the stickers that you need most, all the documents can be downloaded from the RAA website.

  3. Fill in the Registration Number Assignment Application form, this will cost $50 and if you register your aircraft within 3 months the fee will be taken off the cost of registration. to the RAA office or email it to the office

  4. Then get in contact with a level 2 maintenance Authority Holder to do the COA 95.55 and a 95.32 Aircraft Condition Report. This will cost around $150 to $250 depending who you get.
    If you equipment was previously registered with the HGFA, then complete and send that form to the RAA office or email it to the office You can find Level 2 people at the RAA.
    Then once you have your Registration Number and level 2 condition report done you now need to fill in a Aircraft Data Sheet and have a photo of your aircraft with it. This will follow the aircraft through out its life and is needed to finalise the registration process. Now fill in the RAA Registration Application form and Send it in to the RAA Office
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