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Welcome to

Australian Powered Paragliders

Australian distributor for BlackHawk Paramotors U.S.A.

Down-Under Mates Rates

  *$1'600.00 OFF Aero-1000 Engine & LowBoy-3 Package Deal !  

NB: Standard package deal accessory's are included with each Package Deal.

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Come Fly with the Eagles

* Package Deal Orders are linked to the AU$ exchange rate of $0.77 at time of print, or at time of payment.

We consider BlackHawk PPG equipment the best on the market.

So, Go look at the Rest & when you are ready, come back to the Best !

As such we look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to purchase or need further advice on selecting equipment.

PLEASE NOTE: We DON'T Train Pilots to Fly! 

We sell Powered Paragliding Equipment.

Flight Training is a specialist field undertaken by professional Chief Flight Instructors (CFI) or Flight Schools that engage CFI's, to Train there student pilots.

If you have landed here looking for Flight Training, there is a lot of general information on our Training Page, just follow the links.

 Below video is what BlackHawk Product Quality is all about ! 

Our NEW 2020 Lowboy QUAD, Easier & Safer than Foot Launch !

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